Original Thai: Thai Me to the Moon

If you live in Rexburg and want a break from the ordinary American and Mexican food option, Original Thai is the place for you. Thai food includes several ingredients you would find in other Asian foods: eggs, vegetables, soy sauce and reasonably priced chicken and shrimp offerings. However, like all other good Thai food, they have duck as an option. Duck is greasier than chicken, but has distinct flavor.

Essential Details

  • Atmosphere: Romantic – This was the first thing my girlfriend said, so gentleman you might consider Original Thai for your next date. The restaurant is lit with paper lanterns (sometimes called Chinese lanterns) and plastic candles on the table.
  • Price: Got What I Paid For – I ordered the Pad Woon Sen ($11) and my girlfriend ordered the Pad Thai ($10) and after tax it was $22.15. Original Thai is not cheap, but I didn’t feel it was over it was priced either.
  • Quality: Good – I felt I got my money’s worth. The Woon Sen had good flavor, as did the Pad Thai. Original Thai’s Pad Thai, had a stronger vinegar flavor than I’m used to, but it wasn’t overpowering – just made it distinct.
  • Wait Time: Excellent! – We didn’t wait long for our food. My girlfriend and I had our food around 5-7 minutes after ordering – which was great! Original Thai is not very busy, which likely helped, but that is still an accomplishment.

I ordered the Pad Woon Sen and my girlfriend had the Pad Thai. The Pad Woon Sen included chicken, shrimp, vegetables and noodles. The flavor overall was really nice, some of it came from the oils the vegetables were cooked in – but that didn’t bother me. The Pad Thai was good, but different from previous Pad Thai dishes I’ve had. Original Thai’s had a much stronger vinegar flavor than other Pad Thai dishes I’ve eaten. However, it didn’t stop me from me eating, it was just very noticeable. And also didn’t stop my girlfriend eating it either and she didn’t comment about it till I said something.

The atmosphere was quite nice, good place for a date. Original Thai is lit by paper lantern fixtures and they place plastic candles on the tables. So, the atmosphere is leaning to the romantic side, but they have some hints to its Thai origins. They have a picture of Angkor Wat and silhouettes of Buddha’s face on the walls. I liked this subtle hints to Thailand.

Written By: David Hills


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