Mi Casa De Ochoa Es Su Casa De Ochoa

How many times do you go to a restaurant expecting not to be impressed? Probably never. Usually when you go out to eat, you only go because you are craving a certain kind of food and experience. When you eat at Casa De Ochoa, you will get the kind of food and experience you will crave. The burritos they sell are the big, hot off the cooker, and full of fresh ingredients. You will not have to worry about being satisfied because the burrito will fill you up.

If we are talking about simply the food, you will not be disappointed. I tried the Alambre burrito which came with carne asada steak, cheese, bell peppers, onions, and bacon. The tortilla shell was soft but tough enough that it did not tear. It was definitely a different tortilla than I have ever had, but I am very grateful that it was strong enough to hold the weight of the ingredients.

My roommate came along with me and tried the California burrito. It was similar in size and fresh ingredients, but it also had french fries inside—an intriguingly tasty surprise. Though the burritos were stuffed completely with fresh ingredients, there was still quite a bit of juice and oil inside. I am not particularly a fan of a lot of juice and oil because of how it drips out the bottom. They had a simple salsa bar with clearly labelled spicy and not spicy salsa. There were also limes and other peppers to garnish. As far as the atmosphere of the restaurant, it was very clean and quiet and simple. Of course during rush hours, it is more busy, but I went just one hour before rush hour on Friday and there was only a handful of people there.

So for someone like me who likes to eat in peace, it was definitely a refreshing time. Decorations of Mexican culture adorned the restaurant giving more of an authentic feel rather than just another Cafe Rio. They had one TV if you wanted to watch sports, but the volume was down so it was not distracting. The servers and owner of Casa De Ochoa were all very kind and easygoing. Then again, it was during a slow time, I found them friendly and congenial. Overall, I give this restaurant a 3.88 out of 5 rating.

Environment/Atmosphere 4/5

Wait – 3.8/5

Quality – 4.1/5

Taste – 3.7/5

Price – 3.8/5


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