Mi Casa De Ochoa Es Su Casa De Ochoa

How many times do you go to a restaurant expecting not to be impressed? Probably never. Usually when you go out to eat, you only go because you are craving a certain kind of food and experience. When you eat at Casa De Ochoa, you will get the kind of food and experience you will crave. The burritos they sell are the big, hot off the cooker, and full of fresh ingredients. You will not have to worry about being satisfied because the burrito will fill you up. Continue reading “Mi Casa De Ochoa Es Su Casa De Ochoa”


Original Thai: Thai Me to the Moon

If you live in Rexburg and want a break from the ordinary American and Mexican food option, Original Thai is the place for you. Thai food includes several ingredients you would find in other Asian foods: eggs, vegetables, soy sauce and reasonably priced chicken and shrimp offerings. However, like all other good Thai food, they have duck as an option. Duck is greasier than chicken, but has distinct flavor.

Continue reading “Original Thai: Thai Me to the Moon”

Blister’s: A Hidden Barbeque

Blister’s Barbeque: What a delicious place. Located in the small Mother Hibbard gas stationĀ in Rexburg, Blister’s Barbeque serves a variety of different items to satisfy your meaty cravings. This place is fairly well hidden; you would never know of its existence unless you are from the town or have stopped in for a quick snack (15 N 12th W, Rexburg, ID 83440). But once you’re inside, you can quickly smell the aroma of the delicious meats and sandwiches being cooked. Continue reading “Blister’s: A Hidden Barbeque”